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3 rejuvenation technologies combined in 1 device

Your Rejuvenation Goals Start With Technology From Space

This rejuvenation machine is the result of medical research by NASA and German Aerospace Center DLR. For astronauts venous backflow cannot happen due to a lack of gravity in space. As a result they first suffered from orthostatic complications and problems with the baroreceptor reflex. The solution: The Lower Body Negative Pressure Device that creates permanent negative pressure. The Rejuvenator Platinum is such a LBNPD that also provides pressure therapy - which is known to be 800 times stronger than a manual massage - and photobiostimulation, both of which are also known for nitric oxide release and collagen synthesis.

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Ultimate Rejuvenation Machine

Vacuum waves, compression and red light (LED near infrared) combined in one device! This is the cutting edge technology in cosmetic skin care, body contouring, muscle recovery, amplification of training results, weight loss enhancement and prevention. This rejuvenation technology from space developed by DLR & NASA is safe, made in Germany and TÜV-tested. 

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  • Intermittent Vacuum Therapy

  • Pressotherapy

  • Photobiostimulation

  • Gliding stroke massage

  • Benefits.

  • Accelerated regeneration

  • Getting in shape faster

  • Vascular training, stimulation of blood circulation

  • Increase in training effects

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Detoxification

  • Prevention

  • Supporting weight loss programs

  • World's First Lymphatic Drainage Machine Equipped With Alternating Vacuum- And Pressure-Waves

    • Improves lymphatic drainage targeting vessels and lymph nodes;
    • Accelerates the reabsorption of interstitial fluids which tend to accumulate between cells and tissues;
    • Promotes the venous- and lymphatic return circulation;
    • Causes an analgesic and relaxing sensation
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    Connective tissue and the lymphatic system

    Normally, waste products and cell debris are removed via the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system does not have its own pump like our bloodstream, it works through the movements of our muscles.

    For this we need good, tight connective tissue so that it works like a corset. When the connective tissue is slack, our muscles push into the void and all the toxic waste remains on the spot. The lymph can no longer flow.

    As a result - despite intensive and regular exercise orange peel does not go away.

    Note: Lymph does not flow by itself, it has to be flown!

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    Living longer and a more enjoyful life

    One of the major benefits is the enhanced production of nitric oxide (NO) and its impact. Nitric oxide is an element that relaxes the blood vessels and as a result the blood-flow becomes more efficient.

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    Faster recovery from injuries

    Post injury rehab: Once the inflammatory response has faded out lymphatic work should begin to get rid of debris in the tissue. Especially in the world of professional sports e.g. soccer where down-time is to be minimized this new rehabilitation technology makes a huge difference.

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    Vascular training

    Vascular training maximizes the amount of oxygen in the blood and helps to use more of it efficiently. This will make you feel more energized and you won't tire as quickly. Vascular training has long been considered the cornerstone of any effective fitness program and the key to a long and happy life.

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    Sore muscles after workout?

    Enjoy a deep tissue massage at home with the Rejuvenator, specifically designed for fitness fans who might be dealing with muscle soreness and tension after an intense workout. And it will work wonders for relieving everyday tension and pain too...

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    Lymphatic detox therapy is a remedy widely used in body fluid treatment, beauty treatment and physical treatment. The Rejuvenator can improve lymphatic and blood circulation, then drain out undesired substances from the body. As a result the Rejuvenation machine can effectively improve fatness of edema cellulite, tightens slack muscles and restores flexibility of muscle fibre. This Rejuvenation machine does body slimming, relaxation and detoxification functions all in one go.

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    Faster athlete recovery

    Athletes need to recover fully to maximise performance in competitive sport. Athletes who replenish more quickly and more efficiently are able to train harder and more intensely. Elite athletes report positive results using the Rejuvenator treatment as an alternate method for rapid recovery, restoring and improving their impaired physical state.

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    Walking Distance Training

    Athletes need to recover fully to maximise performance in competitive sport. Atheletes who replenish more quickly and more efficiently are able to train harder and more intensely. Elite athletes report positive results using the Rejuvenator treatment as an alternate method for rapid recovery, restoring and improving their impaired physical state.

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    Cellulite isn't your fault!

    The connective tissues of females are more fibrous than men's. Cellulite develops once fat stores under the skin and bulges out of the connective tissue network. It is this bulging what makes skin with cellulite look bumpy and rough.You may prefer to reduce its appearance by incorporating Rejuvenator sessions in your self-care routine. The Rejuvenator is well known for astonishing results when it comes to getting rid of cellulite.

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    Body Contouring

    This non-surgical cosmetic program is designed to reveal a toned and firm body hidden underneath layers of fat or loose skin. Sometimes exercise and diet are just not enough to accomplish our aesthetic requirements. The Rejuvenator's preset programs target those stubborn fat deposits found in the abdomen, thighs, or “love handles” that otherwise won’t give way no matter what you do.

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    Here´s How It Works:

    Cardiovascular training has long been considered the cornerstone of any effective fitness program and the key to living longer and happier. The effects are also impressive - including improved mood, better sleep and a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers.

    The tissues of the lymphatic system are responsible for maintaining the balance of body fluids. Its network of capillaries and collecting lymphatic vessels serves to efficiently drain and transport exuded fluids back to the circulatory system along with proteins and antigens. Numerous endoluminal valves in the blood vessels ensure one-way flow of lymph without reflux. Two valve systems, a main valve system and an auxiliary valve system, are used to achieve this unidirectional flow. The capillary has blind ends, and the valve at the end of the capillary uses a dedicated connector and anchor wire to allow unidirectional flow to the main vessel. However, the function of collecting lymphatic vessels is to propel lymph through the combined action of intraluminal valves and lymphomyocytes.

    By having a 25 minute session in the Rejuvenator a day, you can build stronger muscles and recover them faster, including the heart muscle that controls blood pressure, increase HDL (good cholesterol), reduce anxiety and stress, reduce protein and fat in the blood that cause blood clots, tighten skin, reduce cellulite, prevent the heart disease, lowering blood sugar and treating diabetes and increase immunity.

    What Clients Are Saying:

    Ingo L – Germany

    ''I bought the rejuvenator to balance after my intense workouts. I also like to activate my muscles from time to time with program A. I started with medium pressure and slowly worked my way up to the highest pressure from application to application. Above all, the best effect is that I actively take the time for it and I use it to promote the regeneration of my body and psyche. Add the right music and I have a little wellness trip every time''

    Andrea B. (57)

    has been using the WellCelerator up to twice per week

    ''The Rejuvenator is giving me so much! Due to my lymphedema I do have a lot of swelling, heavy legs and pain. With the Rejuvenator I’m feeling a huge relief, can walk longer again and have less pain. My skin texture is also way better, I have less cellulite than before! I do always recommend it, because I’m so happy about the effects.“

    Thorsten G, Germany

    ''Best investment of all time, can only be recommended after long distances on a racing bike.''

    George S., 

    ''I train almost daily 2+h on the Gravel or MTB and my legs often feel correspondingly drained. I had my eye on the rejuvenator for a long time, but I had my doubts as to whether it would actually build up enough pressure and actually have a positive effect on my "freshness". I can affirm both today. The day after the first application, I actually overdid my training, as my legs hadn't felt this fresh in a long time. So you have to be disciplined :)''

    Giovanni, Italy

    ''High level product that gives obvious benefits for athletes of all levels in recovery"

    Luca, Italy

    ''I am pleased with the product and the way it works. it is the best product for me for recovery after a workout, I use it almost every day. I am very pleased with the fact that there are different modes of operation, which allows you to choose that you want."


    ''For me as an active athlete, the rejuvenator has become indispensable...both before exercising (preventive) and after exercising (regeneration). Rapid regeneration, especially at peak performance."

    Karin I. (78 Jahre)

    has been using the WellCelerator for a year once a week

    '"Without the Rejuvenator I would not be where I am now. The treatment was very nice for my new hip prothesis, I felt more flexible and generally better. Even the arthrosis in my ankle joints is better since then. Once, I was very exhausted after a long hike, it was just too much for one day. When I was in the Rejuvenator the next day, it pushed me forward again, I immediately felt so much fitter and better!“


    ''I had a serious sports injury with an open wound. Normally I would have been out for my football team as a defender for several months.After 10 sessions in the rejuvenator over 2 months, the wound had healed completely and my doctor was amazed at how quickly I was fit again. I swear by the rejuvenator."


    ''After my knee surgery the Rejuvenator was really good for me. My leg felt lighter after the treatment and the swelling in my knee also vanished quickly."

    Benefit from the Rejuvenator with its preset programs:

    Basic Figure Training (1)

    skin tightening


    spider veins

    Advanced Figure Training (2)

    same as (1)


    Beauty Light Module activated

    (red LED/near infrared)

    Regeneration + Basic Performance Optimization (3)

    after intensive sporting activities, competitions, circuit- and endurance training

    Regeneration + Advanced Performance Optimization (4)

    Same as (3) just advanced

    Basic (5)

    Vascular Training for capillarization and endurance

    Advanced Health (6) 

    Removal of toxins and harmful metabolites,

    capillarization and endurance,

    improved blood circulation

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